Color by me, Kevin Murphy

Color by me, Kevin Murphy

Ammonia & Chemical Free

Phenylenediamine (PPD) is a compound chemical used in most hair dyes - it's what makes hair colour a chemical and can cause many issues for your scalp. Have you had a reaction or do you get a sensitive scalp to hair dye!? If you're answer is yes, well this is why! The level of PPD in hair dyes is the reason that most people become allergic or react to hair colouring.

At Lennox Hair, we pride ourselves on using no chemicals, products that don't include ammonia or PPD. We like to deliver no golden tones and excellent grey coverage without the ammonia and without the irritation. This week, we are excited to bring you the perfect dye that is chemical and ammonia free and are launching it in store this week. Lennox Hair is now stocking Color me by Kevin Murphy. It delivers the same rich dark shades  brunettes love and brighter blondes then you can ever imagine.

We've always been a true believer in delivery the best for our customers. Kevin Murphy's range of hair care products is designed to be a simple concept that can be applied to all different hair types.

After intensive research, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has named KEVIN.MURPHY as one of their recommended β€œCruelty Free” companies. PETA’s regulations for such classifications are very strict, and the organisation only accepts companies that are dedicated to producing products that don’t harm, nor test on animals.